I AM WILLING TO CHANGE - change your way of being and you life will change
Changing your Perceptions
"...this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before [me]"
Each new day brings in an abundance of motivation and opportunies to start afresh and create something new in our lives.  This day begin to  do something great for yourself and look within.  External things are important and greatly impact our lives, but isn't it the inner that causes change to the outer?  If there is any resolution to be made let it be to change the way you think.  Examine the beliefs that you have about your self.  Challenge the beliefs that you have about the external world.    
We all have some type of inner baggage that we need to let go of.  Pick some self limiting thought and let it go.  See yourself lacking in nothing, and imagine yourself totally complete.  It may be a stretch for you, but see it as a start in a new direction. Understand that all first steps are not dramatic, and some may seem insignificant; however everything starts with a seed.
Consciously see yourself as one who is scattering seed on the fertile soil of your heart.  Pracetice holding on to your change in perspective, and with patience you will see a tremdous harvest of change that will allow a flourishing of good things in your life.
Change is always inevitable.  This year create the change that you want.
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