I AM WILLING TO CHANGE - change your way of being and you life will change

About Me
Hello, I'm Vivian Wickliffe, M.S.  During my early days as a Martial Artist, while traveling abroad I began to realize the power that my mind and my thoughts would have over my body, my surroundings, and ultimately my life.  As time passed I realized that my actions would either build or devastate my relationships, as well as all the situations concerning my life.  As I came to understand these truths, I realized even more that regardless of what I'd come to learn, that these truths would never serve me unless I was willing to change. And so I was.  And so I did.  And so I continue to do so.  We all can learn truths about ourselves to change ourselves and our lives.
My sessions are based on the belief that with intention and action anyone can change their life.  I am committed to facilitating personal change. 
I welcome the opportunity to help you recognize you personal potential, and then materialize that potential so to bring awareness of yourself and change to your life.
All things are possible to those who are willing to change, and then believe that change is possible.
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